LoRa Sound Monitoring

Posted on: 11/04/2019 | By: DSS

The ultmate sensor for sound level monitoring

Noise pollution is a growing problem in the Netherlands. As urbanization increases, (air) traffic volumes grow, and music festivals and other festivals enjoy rising popularity, noise levels intensify. Frequent noise exposure can lead not only to sleep disturbance, it can also cause health problems such as high blood pressure and depression. In fact, it can potentially lead to developmental delays in children in the long term.

To be able to combat noise pollution, you need accurate sound level measurements. With this in mind, SensorTeam has developed a new type of sound level sensor that measures acoustic pressure in any area with a high level of accuracy and in real time. Measurement data is subsequently displayed on a dashboard that can be accessed in any browser on any laptop, tablet, desktop, or smartphone. These SensorTeam-developed sound level sensors are currently already in use at a youth hangout spot in Amstelveen, as well as in a park in Amsterdam to measure ambient noise during music festivals. At the same time, our IoT sound level sensors are also used in the Netherlands’ City of the Future project. As part of this project, we are partnering with government agencies, architects, and urban planners to find innovative solutions for the urban living and working environment.

How does the sound level sensor work?

What sets our sound level sensor apart is that it does not need a power supply or internet connection. Sound level data is transmitted using so-called LoRa technology provided by KPN. LoRa stands for ‘long range’ and that is what makes it ideal for data transmission, as it can cover long distances without needing a Wi-Fi or 4G connection. This means that our sound level sensor does not need to be hooked up to existing network infrastructure. Aside from that, our sound level sensor is fully solar-powered. Thanks to its solar panel and a battery that is guaranteed to last 10 years, our sensors do not need a power supply and can be installed anywhere.

How are sound levels measured?

To measure sound levels in a specific area, we install multiple wireless sound level sensors. Data gathered by these sensors is easy to collate in an online sound map that accurately reflects the noise impact in a certain area. Factors such as wind or sound reflection are taken into account to achieve the kind of clean measurements that other measuring methods simply cannot provide.

What advantage do Sensor Team’s sensors have over current measuring methods?

Methods that are currently used to measure sound levels use one single highly targeted (and very expensive) microphone that is deployed at one specific location. The downside to that is that it measures noise levels in only a very small area, while the measurements are still used as relating to the larger area. This technology does not factor in things such as wind and sound reflection in a built-up area either. SensorTeam’s sound level sensor is far more accurate and the use of technology furthermore ensures faster and easier access to data than current facilities. The fact that these sound level sensors can be installed anywhere makes them ideally suited for noise monitoring during loud festivals or near large construction sites.

What happens when sound levels are too high?

SensorTeam works with the so-called SensorTeam Cloud Dashboard for live streaming of sound level measurements. Anyone who has been authorized to access the dashboard can regulate the volume remotely, such as when predefined sound levels are exceeded or following complaints from local residents. In fact, they can report this right away on SensorTeam’s integrated cloud platform. This keeps lines of communication short and transparent, which is crucial when it comes to combating noise pollution.

SensorTeam’s sophisticated sound level sensor is easy to use, fast, and durable. The main specs are:

  • Real-time cloud-based sound level monitoring
  • No software or apps needed, only a web app
  • Compatible with any mobile device
  • Solar-powered and LoRa (wireless) data transmission
  • Easy installation on any building
  • Automatic sound meter geolocation display on the platform
  • Integrated social media and company platforms

To find out more about our smart sensor, get in touch for an appointment, we will be happy to show you how it works!

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