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While our products have been in use in projects all over the EU for some time now, they also gained attention from all around the world. During the first years we have thoroughly tested, monitored, challenged and slightly improved our Ranos-dB2 Iot Sound Sensor and we are more than ready to play!

With our goal to have global representation and partnerships by the end of 2022, we are eager to work with you to monitor sound in your clients’ projects. 

Are you interested in working with DSS as an integrator, a distributor or as a project owner? Let’s get in touch and discuss options to make sure you have all you need to successfully make use of the Ranos line of products!


We are happy to assist your integrator in order to successfully deploy the opportunities of sound measurement in your project.

Certified integrator/partner

Let’s get you on board with all the details and tools to implement the Ranos products in your systems.


Looking for a prosperous and long-lasting partnership based on an unique line of products for your distribution? We love to get in touch and keep those pallets coming to your warehouse. 

Promotional materials

Download this zip-file containing our product-photo’s.

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