Ranos Indoor

Accurate indoor sound level meter. LoRaWAN based, external power supply.



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Product Description

Ranos Indoor

We proudly introduce the Ranos Indoor! This version of the Ranos is ideally suited for smart building applications. Information about noise levels is becoming increasingly interesting, while more and more building owners and users are installing a noise meter, in offices, for instance. In open-plan offices, people often work close together and are engaged in various tasks. Phone calls, hybrid meetings and Teams meetings all take place in the same space. The Ranos Indoor can help you gain insight into noise production in offices.

Objective measurement data

With these objective measurement data, improvements can be made, discussions can be conducted about too much noise in the department and the quality of quiet rooms can be monitored. The measurement data can be used as a security tool at times when the room is supposedly empty. Due to its wide measuring range, it can play an effective role in securing buildings.

The advantages of the Ranos Indoor at a glance:

  • Very suitable for smart building applications;
  • Obtain insights into the noise production in buildings, e.g. offices;
  • Dynamic range of 33 – 121 dB and a DSP sample rate of 48 kHz;
  • Implement improvements based on objective measurement data;
  • Thanks to its wide measuring range, the Ranos Indoor can play an effective role in security;
  • The housing is made of plastic and is dustproof;
  • The Ranos Indoor communicates via LoRa;
  • Data visualization via DSS data platform that seamlessly integrates with the Ranos dB;
  • Easy to operate from any cloud platform.

Audio performance

If you use the Ranos dB Indoor, you will soon notice that the audio performances are very high. The Indoor has a dynamic range of 33 – 121 dB and a DSP sample rate of 48 kHz. It can be used for measuring the following units: LAeq, LCeq, dB (A) fast, dB (A) slow, dB (C) fast and dB (C) slow. The time weighting is fast, slow and Leq. Plus, the measurements interval can be customized via the app or the cloud.

Electret condenser microphone

The microphone of this indoor version is fixed in the housing and cannot be moved. The microphone type is an “electret condenser microphone” and the directivity is omni-directional.

Dustproof housing

The housing is made of plastic and is dustproof. The shape is designed to minimize reflections affecting the measurement signal being picked up by the microphone.


The indoor version is powered with a standard phone charger (5V DC USB-B).

LoRa network

The Ranos Indoor communicates via LoRa. We can deliver to all LoRa (frequency) regions in the world. The device is suitable for LoRaWAN Class C networks, allowing the cloud server to send direct and undelayed messages to the Ranos Indoor. This enables continuous adjustability of measurement settings, characteristics and network configurations.

Uplink and Downlink

As the Ranos Indoor can both send uplinks and receive downlinks, it is quite easy to operate from any cloud platform. Do you wish to set how often you receive certain measurements? No problem! You can also switch the GPS on and off. Refer to the DSS Connect App manual to find out exactly how this works and which settings are available.

DSS Connect App

You can connect the Ranos Indoor to your Android smartphone or tablet with the included USB cable. The Android app will open automatically. In the app, you can create an account and register the Ranos Indoor. The app recognizes the Indoor by its unique serial number. You can then enter the LoRa keys and send them to the device. The app itself checks whether the Ranos Indoor has the most recent firmware version installed and uploads and installs the firmware after you have given permission. For Class 1, the app is used to upload the FIR to the sensor in order to get a frequency response complying with IEC Standard Class 1 requirements.

Under Support you will find the user manual of the DSS Connect App with a full description of the possibilities and options. The app can be downloaded from Google Play.

Payload description

We deliver a complete package with all information about how you can integrate the Ranos Indoor with your own dashboard environment. The package consists of a parser for code testing and a sample code in Javascript.

Data visualization

DSS has its own data platform that integrates seamlessly with the Ranos Indoor. This is available for three months starting from the date of purchase. In addition, we offer an integration with Datacake and we can assist you in displaying the data in any desired IoT platform.


We are here to help you! The quickest way to get your device up and running again is contacting us online. We offer 2 years of warranty.

Key features
Certified Class 2 according to IEC 61674
LoRaWAN™ compliant
EU868, US915, AS923
Fixed microphone
A and C weighting
LAeq, LCeq, dB(A)fast, dB(A)slow, dB(C)fast, dB(C)slow
Phone charger
Indoor (IP54)
CE mark
DSS Connect App
Mounting option 1 Wall mount
Mounting option 2
Mounting option 3
Mic cable extender 1
Mic cable extender 2
Mic cable extender 3
Mic extender
Power 1 Adapter
Power 2
Power 3
Power and communication cable (included)
USB C male to USB B male
Frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Frequency weighting A and C weighting
Time weighting Fast, slow, Leq
Dynamic range 33 – 121 dB
Measurements units LAeq, LCeq, dB(A)fast, dB(A)slow, dB(C)fast, dB(C)slow
Measurements interval Adjustable
DSP sample rate 48 kHz
IEC 61672
Certified Class 2 according to IEC 61674
Class Class 2
Microphone type
Electret condenser microphone
Microphone directivity Omnidirectional
Microphone fixation Integrated
Calibration frequency response None
LoRaWAN™ compliant
Frequency band
EU868, US915, AS923
Class Class C
RF Module
Microchip RN2484
Antenna Integrated
LoRa keys
DSS Connect App
GPS None
Geolocation None
Software licence Limited
Outdoor None
Indoor 5V DC USB-B
Effective rated power 170 mW
Battery type None
Charge regulator None
Case material Compound
IP Rating IP54
Weight 560 gram
Depth 35mm
Width 150mm
Height 150mm
Volume 0.4 dm³
Surface 0.04 m²
Operation temperature -10 ~ +60 ℃
Operation humidity
0 ~ 95%RH, Non-condensing
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