Ranos dB’s all-new dashboard

Posted on: 23/02/2022 | By: Gertjan de Vries

Even easier to use and clearer sound level readings thanks to the Ranos dB’s all-new dashboard. Create projects and assign sensors. Check sensor locations by uploading photos or using a location plan. More features that are intuitive to use and make the various measurements even easier to read. 

Add the sensor to your account using the DSS Connect App and give it a name. Now you will see the sensor, i.e. the device, in the dashboard. On the ‘Devices’ tab, you can select the sensor and check and/or edit the settings. While the app lets you take readings and configure minor aspects, the dashboard offers far more extensive features. We have also increased the speed of the dashboard, and it now complies with Class 1 electric and signal analysis standards. 

Please see our demo dashboard (yellow button)


Create a project and add one or more sensors.

Get an at-a-glance view of all the sensors for a project. Check the sensor’s location and its surroundings using photos or a map. You can do it all in no time with the new dashboard. The ‘Users’ tab lets you add users and assign authorizations. Create an ‘Alert profile’ to set a type of measurement and limit value for the sensor. When this limit value is exceeded, the user will get an alert. It’s a welcome upgrade on the previous version, where you had to keep monitoring the system in real time to see if values were exceeded. 

Professional outdoor environmental noise monitoring

Customer-friendly, intuitive, and more features.

A major leap forward in the further development of the Ranos dB’s usability and features. More measuring options, faster processing, secure data storage, and quick access to data.

DSS Connect App: Google Play
DSS Connect WebApphttps://app.dutchsensorsystems.com/ 
Dashboard+: https://dashboard.dutchsensorsystems.com/   

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