Which USB cable can be used to power the Ranos dB 2 via USB?

Posted on: 24/07/2021 | By: Gertjan de Vries

For indoor or testing any USB A male to USB B male cable can be used, make sure the cable length is below 2 meters.

For outdoor applications sealed USB cables/connectors are needed.

The USB connector used in our sensor is the Conxall DCP-USBBT-USBA, this connector facilitates sealed connections.
The corresponding sealed off the shelf cable is the Conxall DCM-USBBT-R5 (the supplied cable length is 5m, cut the length down to 2m or less).  The sensor side of this cable consists of a sealed USB B connector, the supply side of this cable consists of stripped/tinned wires.

Alternatively the Conxall DCC-USBBT-150 can be used with a standard USB A male > USB B male cable and an USB powersupply.
In this case extra care needs to be taken for waterproofing the USB PSU and connections.

Note: Flip the power switch on the PCB to “USB”.

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